Mellow Yellow

Finding more yellow pieces of antique china to put aside for the new project …

The yellow bowl is Crown Ducal.

Crown Ducal was a brand name for AG Richardson & Co Stoke on Trent, manufactured sometime between 1915 and 1934

The small dish is Carlton Ware, a famous Stoke on Trent based pottery manufacturer. The company is best remembered for its often rather garish tableware, often in the form of highly decorated leaves or fruit, and the ceramic toucans it made as promotional items for Guinness.  It reached its artistic high-point with superb hand-painted domestic pottery in high art deco styles during the 1920s and 1930. (Source Wikipedia)

sunflowers 004


Sunflowers make me happy :)

This beautiful sunflower design plate is going to be dismantled and rebuilt in my next project. What is it about the sunflower that makes us feel so happy? Is it the bold colour, the fact that they stand tall and proud in the garden always looking upward to the sun? I love them.

This plate was hand painted in the Philippines for Andrew Hawley Ltd.

Andrew Hawley Limited is a family owned business. The company was established in New Zealand in 1947, after Andrew returned from war service. The family connections with the tableware industry date back to the 1720’s in Yorkshire, England ref Andrew Hawley Ltd

sunflowers 001

Time to get busy .. the holiday is over!

Planet j9 has been very quiet over the holiday period, enjoying the sun sea and summer time fun.

Now it’s time to get back into the studio and get creative again!

mosaicart 003

Jobs … those annoying 8 hours before Happy Hour

Jobs … those annoying 8 hours before Happy Hour

Pussy Galore  70’s retro pottery inspired this cool cat piece

Pussy Galore 70’s retro pottery inspired this cool cat piece